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kit_kat wrote:

Are you a social worker? Because if you are, from one social worker to another, I see several violations in code of conduct you have made. Now I can understand your reasoning behind wanting to give the young lady (she’s almost an adult at 17, not a kid) a stethoscope, but isn’t that more thinking with your fetish in giving that gift? Forgive me if I am wrong, but my duty to my profession tends to always be on my mind all the time.

I agree, as another social worker I see this as being ethically wrong.

I've told both serious boyfriends that I've had in my life about my interest. They both weren't bothered. My fiance is actually a nurse and lets me use his old stethoscope (a cheap one he used in school) on him once in a while. He also encourages me to listen when were cuddling which is very nice :) I had to tell him more than once about it because he didn't really understand what I was trying to tell him (he just thought I was plain into medical cardiology lol). Never regret telling either of them, although I am always nervous bringing it up out of fear of being rejected or shamed.

It sounded lovely!!! Thanks for letting us listen. :heart:

9 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Not really any heart-related lyrics but it's got some heartbeat-sounding sounds at the beginning and the drums keep up that pattern


The weather is warm today, and my heartbeat became visible! Before, it was not visible under the jacket 🤣

thewyrdguy@Heart2Heart created a new topic: MOV_1152.mp4
a day ago

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2 days ago
3 days ago
4 days ago

Fun little Valentine's day thing happened today.

Yesterday, this guy on another site I run posted a gfx suggestion to add a little beating heart aura to the game for Valentine's day. And today, turns out the game staff pushed out a whole update just to add the aura:


Which is pretty neat.

5 days ago

For me just sending off a box of heart related things.

I always record from my bare skin but just to give you an idea how loud my heart is!

I wish there is a chocolate box that shapes like anatomical heart. :lol:

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