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Your body will anticipate exercise and raise your heart rate for you about a minute before you start. Also does the reverse, slowing things back down when you're about to settle down.

From this thread

the only good thing about this godforsaken heat wave is that it makes my heart do some WACKY shit

Caught quite a number of premature junctional complexes but no PVCs (I have a lot of both now as I am uploading this video). I thought it should be fun to have all three - visual throbbing, ECG and sound in one video. As a result, neither is of decent quality. But anyway, enjoy!


Reblog if you need this energy



just want to get your pulse racing

just a little too fast

That's way cool. It's messmerizing.

9 days ago

Simply because I have not published anything for a while...

10 days ago

Nice and slow!


Not really a cardiophile myself but I think the sound made by a heart is so special, more than words can express. It’s like a signature, signed only for that special someone. Soothing, calming, way better than sedative.

Could not agree more, whenever I’m having a hard time sleeping I pull out my headphones or my steth and I’m out like a light

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