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An experience I hope to have soon.

I use silicone tubes (ordered on Amazon). You can get several diameters that tightly fit one into the other, and thus step the internal size up or down. Chose the ones with thicker walls, they let less external noise to the mic.

Thank you both for the suggestions!  I really do appreciate it.

I will do some testing and hopefully find the "perfect" combination.  I'm also wondering about my tubing.  My current mic doesn't work inside my stethoscope tubing - which I assume is due to not enough air space around it for the sound waves.  I have another tube I'm using that I've sliced to get the mic into.  I had been covering the sliced section with vetwrap, but that was allowing too much exterior noise in.  I switched last night to electrical tape, which improved it quite a bit (but doesn't allow easy alterations like the vetwrap did).  But - this "other" tube is a bit more rigid than my stethoscope tubing.  I may go shopping to day to see if I can find something that is slightly larger than stethoscope sized, but not as rigid as my current tubing.

Thank you again!

thewyrdguy wrote:

The shorter the tube the better: when the tube touches or rubs something it results in additional noise.

Interestingly, I have the opposite experience. A short tube results in heavy air pressure distortion in the recording that overpowers the sound and requires a lot of post-processing, while a long tube lets the air "relax" and the mic only captures audible sound.

I assume it depends on the particulars of each individual setup, so try both if you can.



Happy October my cardiophile friends!🧡🎃

https://thewyrdguy.tumblr.com/post/1770 … ereo-setup
The shorter the tube the better: when the tube touches or rubs something it results in additional noise.

Great suggestions!  Thank you!

I tried some tests earlier today, and my elliptical is LOUD. I'm replacing my elliptical with a different one which will be quieter, but that won't be here for a few weeks.  I had hoped to do the recording this week, since I'm just starting the workout, so I get to max heart rate quicker and it lasts longer, AND my husband isn't around the house much this week.  Can't really do it while he's here.  :/

I do think I need a better microphone.  I'm using one that came with a pair of earbuds.

Question - how far from the stethoscope head is your mic?  My tubing is apx 6" with the mic being apx 5.5" from the stethoscope head.

I use a few rounds of medical elastic band around my chest, with an additional bundle of cloth to press on the stethoscope more firmly. Works for sleeping records (I do not turn over too much), and for moderate workouts at home.

When I record while cycling, I put a piece of foam over the mic and fix it all to the chest with a few criss cross pieces of duct tape. That is more noisy, less comfortable, and tends to fall off as I sweat. But will stay put for a while even if you move a lot.

About cleaning up, in my opinion - a good mic that does not move across the chest comes first. After you have that done, start to think about post-processing.

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Nice heartbeat

I have just started a new high intensity workout.  My hr gets into the 160+ range.  I would really like to record a full session (20 minutes) and then match the recording to the export of my heart rate data.  I want to hear what I sound like at various rates.

So... it isn’t practical to hold the stethoscope on my chest the whole time, so I need to attach it.  I was thinking of using vetwrap, but am concerned it will create a scratchy sound that will muffle my heart sounds.  Has anyone done this, and if so, what did you use?  Any tips or suggestions are welcome.  I’m really keen to do this.

I'll try testing the vetwrap option tonight.

Also - does anyone know of any tips/tutorials on cleaning up the sound file?  I have Audacity, but really don’t have a clue how to use it.

Thanks in advance!

3 days ago

On cellphone

3 days ago

Anyone here onto heart damage, dark cardio, unhealthy hearts? Stuff like that?

Were you able to hear it?  I show “error loading resource.”

3 days ago

Nice heartbeat.

3 days ago

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3 days ago

Hi - new here.  I am a female, and I’ve had this fascination with hearts since I was a child.  It did become a fetish for me as I got older.  I’m straight (and married), but only enjoy listening to female heartbeats, other than my husband’s heart.  I think listening to men feels a little too close to cheating.  I’ve never told anyone IRL, so places like this are the only time I feel like I can let my freak flag fly.  😬. Not sure how active I will be - I go through streaks when I am “obsessed” and other times when it’s just in the back of my mind.  Right now is a little obsessive.

very fast and strong heartbeat ! wish to see more from you

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