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Best way I can think of is fear. If you're easily startled play a scary game or watch a scary movie.

I want to try a experiment and try and see how fast i  can make my heart go without leaving my bed. What's the best way to do it without the use of any drugs or injections?

I have had 2 echos done before and it was amazing to see my heart beating the second time I had one done my heart was beating crazy fast


If there are any cardiophiles in Utah that are willing to meet up for a session, I would be more than happy to do so! Please PM me if you want to! I cant be the only cardiophile in Utah :lol:

It's been a little while. Feel free to say hi :)

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys. I had a crazy thing happen to me last night! I got a Kik message from a guy I had never heard of or talked to before. I thought it was kinda weird but I went along with it.

I asked him how he got my Kik because I don’t really advertise that I have one. It turns out he had mistaken me for someone else. He was looking for someone in a fet community though.

He started asking if I had any “kinks” and I said I’m a cardiophile. He said that was one he had never heard of before. It took him a while to say anything else after I responded to that.

I thought I had “lost” him with the cardiophile thing. Then he started asking me all these questions about it. I thought he was just being polite at this point.

We talked for quite a while and I told him if I was boring him with my heart talk we could talk about something else. Here’s the cool part; he said he was enjoying the conversation!

He found it interesting! I was shocked! We talked for a little longer and he was super nice and respectful. I’m very thankful he stumbled upon me last night. 😊










How would you describe your heart?

For all my cardio-followers - thought it would be fun to find out what sort of hearts we have on here 😊 So leave a comment or re-blog with three words (or more if you like!) that you think best describe yours.

I would describe mine as -








Hi. Thank you so much for fixing that. I appreciate it. :) Have a good one. Besides, not that the video quality matters, cuz of the whole nonworking eyeballs thing but... ;)

10 days ago

Any Brazilian here?

Algum Brasileiro aqui ? :)

Should be all fixed up! Hopefully you should see the change immediately but it could take up to 24 hours before your browser notices the fix.


Hi there, can you say why did you chose Littmann Master Classic II over other stethoscopes that are much cheaper, please? I guess better sound quality?

Actually to be totally honest, it was a shipping error. I bought one of the (significantly cheaper) Littmann steths from amazon and got this one instead. Shhh, don’t tell them.

As for the differences, there are a few in comparison to the cheap mdf instruments one I used to use. Sound quality is the most obvious, everything sounded louder and less muffled. The rubber ear tips were softer and more comfortable, and they sat in my ears better without digging in. The tubing was a lot more flexible too. There are probably a lot more differences, but I don’t have the expertise or the ears to pick them ou.

Hope that was helpful :)

Hm, I don't have any macOS devices handy but let me see if I can get something together. Is this on Safari?

EDIT: Got set up, seeing the same problem. Trying to look into it but all Safari isn't telling me *why* it's refusing to play the video. It properly loads the first chunk of video then gives up. Going to do some research, but it's odd.

Hi all. If i click on a video file, I can't play it. All i see is an error message that says error loading source and the button is dimmed to play. I'm using a Mac with the latest 10.15.3 not in the beta cycle at the moment.

I go there all the time! It's so cool to see the hearts beating

My phone has been suggesting heart things to me lately… I think I’ve been found out! 😮

It's been a little while. Feel free to say hi :)

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