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2 days ago

both depends from kind of book

3 days ago

Do you like online dating/:o

darui@Heart2Heart created a new topic: type of books?
3 days ago

What books do you prefer to read pdf od paper?:o

5 days ago

wow if your heart was working very hard.

@mypumpingheart I was mixing some topsoil into a fallow garden bed, using a shovel -- hence the file name. You do make me wonder what a stint of similar manual labor in the sort of weather we've been having here recently would do to my pump, though.

@mypumpingheart I haven't been on an elliptical since childhood, so I don't know. Also, I've been curious for a while about using a stair stepper -- that one I've never actually used. Perhaps someday I'll give them both a good college try... and record the results.

Your heart pumps so strong. I'm also getting rid of my elliptical machine as well as my treadmill. You may have them both haha. How crazy does your heart get when on an elliptical at full resistance? I can only imagine how crazy she would be hammering.

I loved that she sped up thanks to your nervousness and excitement. I enjoyed the tummy grumbles.

She sounds really good

She was so loud and strong. You have quite the pump.

My heart has never pumped like that while gardening. You must be digging trenches in the heat and humidity. May I have a sample of your tomatoes when their nice and red? Your heart sounds great.

I do love the way she pounds, and I love your breathing sounds.

OMG she was hammering. Sounded like you were struggling to breath right at the beginning. This was as superb as the last. You have a strong, healthy heart.

I loved hearing your breathing during and after exercising. I knew I was about to listen to a crazy-beating heart. You worked your heart good. She was certainly beating like crazy. Superb recording. I'm putting my treadmill on the curbside next week because I never use it. You can take it as a spare in case yours breaks hehehe.

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

11 days ago

wow! your heart beats something fast doing this activity, pleasant sound of your mitral.

11 days ago

I love how you sneak in little workouts even at work lol. She definitely likes it as she started pounding fast and hard right away. Around how old are you hun if you don't mind me asking?

She's trying to recover to her normal rhythm. You can tell she's been through alot with the workout lol. So very beautiful

No wonder she beats so slow during rest lol. You give her very very strenuous workouts. The fact she was beating when slower in your latest recording shows she's getting bigger and stronger with time and working out. So beautiful

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