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Welcome to Heart2Heart!

Heart2Heart is a gathering place for people who love the sound of the human heartbeat. Find out more about us.

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"It's still beating" for a tongue-in-cheek-ish but true response.

I met up with one eight years ago and spent a couple of days with him.  It was a great time listening to each others' hearts.  I still keep in touch with him.   Another one recently wired a portable EKG machine on me, and it was interesting to see it working.  There was one person who would let me examine him, but I decided not to since I kept getting weird vibes from him.

12 hours ago

very very very strong heart, very nice heartbeat

I like very much, your strong y fast heart

Words are NOT enough to say how much I love this. Wow, just WOW!!!!

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I love visible female hb's. Sadly I've never seen one in person. I hope to some day. But it's REALLY hard to meet up with fellow cardiophiles, especially females.

Hello and welcome to the site.

I could listen to these all day. Awesome

That's a really loud heart u have there. LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful beats. I'm in awe here.

Love how loud it is. TYSM for posting.

That's a great sounding heart u have there. Love the speed and intensity.

:heart: Lov it

sounds very strong the your heart.

Sounds sooo strong and variable, really got pounding in spots! Didn't hear much in the way of irregularity, but maybe a skip or two. :)

Utter perfection <3

a day ago

THE SOUND OF STRYOFOAM.  It's the worst.

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I could have sworn I left something here.