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Omg!! This is totally cute!! I would love it if I could give her a little smooch and she'd get all embarrassed and blushy that would be super cute!! I'd absolutely love to design a character or two for this if your interested :heart: !!
You could make lewd dlc as extra content or or different skins! Oo!! What if you made the maid costumizable?? AA I need to calm down I'm getting ahead of myself. What if you uploaded it on steam? They have tons of anime/hentai games on there! And this one is super good quality too! It would do great!!

It is common amongst patient’s with valve issues. It has changed it some. I have always had a murmur and what they call a “click” which is faint. I still have my murmur which has calmed down a lot. More than anything I tick like a clock and the tone of it can change. When I’m anxious or mad it is loud and fast and others can hear it in a room. It tends to be deeper and sort of thumps during intense emotions. It is more quiet when I am calm and sounds more like when two pebbles hit each other under water most of the time..that’s the only thing I can compare it to other than a clock. It’s high pitch yet muffled sounding. It’s doesn’t overwhelm my entire heart beat though.

Interesting, not heard of this being done before. How would you describe the change in sound caused by the valve replacement?

Hi everyone. I am new here and I wanted to share my story on how I was born with a heart condition. I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. I had my first operation at four months old. Then 4, then 8. I had my first open heart at 19 and my last open heart was when I was 22 in March 2020. It should be my last. My aortic valve was finally replaced with a mechanical valve and it now ticks like a clock. That part is hard to get on audio but I’m working on that. It does sound a bit different than your average heart and I like it. I am much stronger now and so it my heart! I’ve delt with all things cardiology for my whole life and I think it’s interesting to find a community of people who find comfort in the sound of a heart beat. Thanks for reading my story!

This is wonderful. you are a good writer. and its really amazing to read. Hope to read more from you

Thanks to its natural pacemaker, a human heart can (in theory) continue to beat so long as it has a steady supply of energy and oxygen. Exactly how long appears to vary however; from what I'm told, it could be as little as 1 or 2 minutes after removal, or as long as 15 minutes.

28 days ago

I would like to chat with you about the heartbeat, if you are interested

Alex_Dominguez@Heart2Heart created a new topic: Heartbeat
28 days ago

Hi, I'm new, I'm a cardiophile and I'd like to talk to someone who is also a cardiophile :heart: :)

If you enjoy doing it, then stick with it. I have a couple steth-buddies who are nurses who are able to separate work from the fetish/interest.

31 days ago

The way I see it is if you can keep it separate from your work, there's nothing wrong with going into medicine. You have to ask yourself if you can do that though before you get too far in

Emm019@Heart2Heart created a new topic: In need of help!
32 days ago

Serious replies only. Do you folks think it’s okay to continue Med school while being a cardiophile?

I’m not sure, I’ve been thinking of quitting for a long time now. I don’t know if this is right, really. I’ve studied a lot to get into med school and now it just doesn’t feel right. I honestly don’t know what else to do if I quit med school it’s been my dream all along :/ Again, serious replies only please

32 days ago

Sure thing, message me

steele76655@Heart2Heart created a new topic: steele76655
33 days ago

Hi new to this website. Are there any males that would like to chat about hb & possibly share?

36 days ago

Strong, steady amazing beats there :)

NitraxFox wrote:

Prefer ear-stething myself, feels much more intimate, natural and warm that way. Stethoscope can be good too though if you want to avoid  awkward neck bending!

Great point, that's probably my only complaint about ear stething. It can sometimes be hard to find a listening position that stays comfortable for more than a few minutes.

I love feeling my heartbeat, oftentimes at night I lay down and just feel it pumping away inside me with my hand.

#17 for next person.

Prefer ear-stething myself, feels much more intimate, natural and warm that way. Stethoscope can be good too though if you want to avoid  awkward neck bending!

Amazing find, well animated and with great sound too.

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