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Welcome to Heart2Heart! This is a tight-knit, community-oriented site for people who share a common interest in the heart.
This site has been serving the cardiophile community since 2017. If you have any interest in the heart we hope this site will serve you well in expressing that interest.

If you'd like to participate in our community and help make the community a better place, please sign up. We'd love to have you! Registration is quick, free, and open to everyone.

What is this?

The heart is one of the most vital organs in your body. Day and night it works tirelessly, sending out wave after wave of life surging through every fiber of your body. It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are those of us that take notice of and appreciate this incredible thing beating inside of each and every one of us.
As with most hobbies and interests, there are many, many websites dedicated to serve the people who have a special place in their heart for them.

This site was made to be both a gathering place and resource for people who love and appreciate that constant companion that connects us all from heart to heart.

Why Heart2Heart?

Heart2Heart is built from the ground up to provide easy-to-use features that get out of your way and let you share your interest with others as painlessly as possible. Some of these features include:

  • Private messages
  • Audio/video hosting
  • Live audio streaming
  • Live group chat room
  • Intuitive forum layout

Unlike a lot of other sites, we fully realize that your heart is one of the most intimate and special things you can offer to anyone. So a lot of time has gone into protecting you, and putting power back into your hands. For example:

  • Highly active, caring staff
  • Control is always in the hands of the user
  • Cutting edge features that make life easier and safer
  • Strict anti-theft measures are in place for all uploaded files

And when we say the site is "community-oriented", we mean it's oriented towards the entire cardiophile community. We want to improve the lives of all cardiophiles, not just the ones who join our site. There are a number of features that even non-members can use.

  • Listening to public audio streams.
  • Easy, one-click streaming services for HBP with no downloads or setup required.
  • And in the future, a series of guides and tips for cardiophiles who want the most out of life.

We're always adding new features and taking suggestions for how to improve the site experience, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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