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:heart: Nice beat.

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Is it possible for you to see a doctor? I don’t think that should be happening. Don’t take this as medical advise, swimming is cardio and it should raise your heart rate, holding your breath might have something to do with it.

Alright, dinner's simmering so let's deal with this. Still not entirely sure what's gone down, but there's definitely a few things that are clear.

First is that this had no reason to be drug out longer. We're happy to support each other here, but you're clearly not looking for that. This is not a good place to spew hatred, and that won't be tolerated here.

Second (and unfortunately given comments you made in both your posts here it sure seems like this is going to fall on deaf ears), there's no reason to go out of your way to purposefully antagonize other people. There's enough bad in this community without adding to it ourselves. This should be a place away from all that. And if that's how you get your kicks, then sadly I can't say I'll miss you now that you've left.

Going to be keeping this topic locked. I don't really think there's anything left to be said publicly here that won't just drag this out longer unnecessarily, but please do get in touch with me if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

alright I've currently got the stove burners on so I can't currently sort this out completely. going to freeze the topic until there's not a fire hazard and I'll check back in soon.

Hey! How about I've been around much much longer than discord was even a thing, okay? Years of having my content stolen and posted on PH without my consent, plus the whiney characters in one particular server- might have set me off a bit hun. why dont you keep sipping tea and mind your business. it is so obvious how you all LOVE drama and LOVE to make and mountain out of a moehill. you dont know me, you never will know me, so whatever persona youre seeing on the screen here is not real, my dear.

also, im not looking for pity so maybe you should learn to read. i am sick of the community for a lot of reasons and especially sick of whiney, crybaby gen Z babies who get their panties in a wad over a word.

this has been fun really, riling you up is all to easy lmao.

ya'll need to get off your high horse.

39 days ago

Hi! I'm a 20 year old guy from Italy. I like heartbeats as a fetish since i was a kid. I also like videogames, programming and everything computer related. If you would like to contact me use my kik: Paranoid_guy, we can chat about anything you want :)

Hi! Im a 20 yo boy. Paranoid_guy on kik

It mostly sounds like a 'you' problem to be honest. As far as I know, you came into a certain Discord server, trashed it on Reddit, and then went off on one of the mods while calling them a gay slur and telling them to 'kill themselves'. That mod you went off on is a dear friend of mines, one who saved my life mind you. Now you want to crawl to here and cry 'woe is me' while changing your name. It seems like the cardiophile community is tired of your shit dear. Just telling it like it is. *sips tea*

I've never come across a more nasty, cancel culture obsessed, whiney, spineless little freaks on here who keep antagonizing me on the internet. funny thing about this is, I LOVEEEE pissing these little babies off hahahaha seriously though for those gritty, drama loving few, you all know who you are.

I dare you to say what u have to say to my face! you never would cause yall grew up hiding behind a screen your entire lives and are so brave behind them!

you think you know me? LOL please.

back the hell off you weirdo freaks. seriously. i've hung back this entire time and like gnats at a picnic, keep flying up in my face like,



I'm sorry :(

Having a hard time telling how legit the recent attention to this topic is, going to go ahead and lock it down for now.

41 days ago

My wife left me. I feel sad and I am very lonely, I feel like it was my fault.

I recommend Express VPN.

42 days ago

Greetings! I am Hunter, and I've been here for a while now as well as on HBP. A few interesting facts are that I have been blind since birth due to a detached retina, and my interest in hearts is mainly in relaxation.

:heart: One of my favorites!

Chel@Heart2Heart uploaded a new file: Babum.mp3
43 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

Is the Kik chat group not active anymore?

Things get quite boring =/ meh.

I'm using surfshark. Seems quality and fast. By the way, I recommend use this review for choosing VPN.

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