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Yeah I have them every now and then. Most are trying to listen to a girl's heartbeat and getting so close but never getting all the way... lol

3 days ago

Anyone else have dreams at night that involve hearts/heartbeats :heart:?

I've had a few. Sometimes it's about a close friend listening to my heart with a stethoscope, or noticing a visible heartbeat from my chest. I like the warm, emotionally intimate kind of dreams the most. Cardiophile dreams can also be rather disappointing upon waking up though :/

Hey everyone; she has tricuspid artesia, she’s had a total of 5 surgeries as a kid, I’m glad you think the scar is sexy :)

There was a hill with an old radio relay tower as an attraction, with stairs leading there through the forest from the road. Unfortunately there was nothing to rest the camera against at the top, and of course the picture is very shaky. Not least because I felt pulse everywhere, including in the hands holding the camera. The second clip is taken at the base of the stairs. My heart sowed down, but there was better light, and I could steady the camera against that metal railing that you can see on the photo. I am not very happy with the result but there you go anyway!

omg, I don't think acer ever saw or felt my heart so strong in my chest

I'm curious about the scar as well, if I could ask :P

Sexy scar. What was wrong and how old was she?

The module definitely has a host of filters, they are described in the datasheet. No microvolt-resolution sensor would work without them. The question is how much of useful signal will remain...

Might be. IIRC I stripped out all the filtering before grabbing this so these are the raw values coming out of the EKG. But v possible I either forgot to strip things out or the EKG module is doing some filtering of its own though.

Looks like the signal is filtered (low-pass) even heavier than in my HealForce gadget.
But, good work, anyway!

11 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

11 days ago

Nothing special here, I just though that this sounds intense enough to warrant upload. Lying in bed on my stomach, with a pillow under the chest to prop the mic. As always, this causes a whooshing systolic murmur(?) localized at the Erb's, of unclear nature. There are a few skips scattered around to make things more interesting πŸ˜„. Heartrate is stable around 105 bpm the whole time. (Note that I reduced recording volume a bit at 5:30 when I realize that it's clipping.)

Very nice pic! How do you like it?? Thanks for sharing with us. :)

14 days ago

just awesome :o , thank you so much :heart:

Dear subscribers/listeners,
Though I love you with all of my heart (pun intended) I noticed I get a lot of comments lately from people asking if I want to do "pleasure" recordings. The answer is no. I did not upload for fetish people in the first place. I respect it and I think it's kind of cute and flattering, but I will not do these requests. I started uploading because I know heart sounds can trigger ASMR and listening to a constant sound like a heartbeat can work like a pain killer to people with migraine and can ease the mind from people with anxiety or depression (works for me as well) and that's what made me roll into this world. I try making each recording as unique as possible, I even uploaded my visible heart, to give everyone some kind of satisfaction. But again, I will not do fetish requests.
I do respect it, but I upload for different reasons here. I hope you understand.
Also, if my heart does work for your anxiety or migraine or whatever, let me know!! I would love to read your comments. 😊 Gives me motivation to keep this channel going.
Love, G πŸ’“

35 seconds of my heartbeat sound with matched images of the ECG (approx. aVF ~ II) and sonogram of the same interval. Sound recorded at the Erbs.

The picture is static unfortunately, I am still working on the ECG animation. Still, enjoy!

15 days ago

Smileys should show up correctly on the home page, chained smileys with no space between them (like :heart::cool::lol: instead of :heart: :cool: :lol:) should work in some cases, although turns out it's a harder problem to solve without side effects than I thought. The buttons should now automatically include the space after the smiley now, anyway.

Life is just all a sick joke. Nothing but pain and suffering.

my most visible hertbeat

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