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Wow, bit late but hi!

16 hours ago

I did see a good few blogs on Tumblr directed more towards dude-attracted individuals but those are all gone now. But that's like images and gifs and videos. As far as audio files I feel like there's a pretty good mix at least.

17 hours ago

Quite honestly I feel like it's extremely apparent why. The content reflects the desires of the audience. The majority of the audience is straight and male, thus the majority of the content is made for straight men.

Men aren't in the content because it's literally made for men by men lol

Right, I didn't fix anything because I didn't find anything at first. The only change I made was to just turn up error logging to 100% so I could catch the problem.

According to the logs, that's exactly the problem, you didn't add any tags. All files need to have at least one tag, I'll update the error message to make that clearer and mark the required fields as required.

I just tried again and it’s still giving me an error even though I didn’t add any tags

From Mastodon: https://niu.moe/@Almafeta/101247515371742715

“so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive

Just to be EXTRA dicks.”

2 days ago

I'd go out on a limb and say https://www.pixiv.net/ is not only good, but an EXCELLENT alternative as well if you're into drawn/written creations. It has a huge Asian cardiophile community that posts tons of art. There are also a decent amount of English speaking cardiophiles too but I think the fact that it's a Japanese site turns a lot of people off to it.

-It boasts a vastly superior Novel system to Tumblr if you want to post stories. You can group your stories together, add pictures, add a cover, etc.
-By hitting the like heart on something you can bookmark it, and further organize your bookmarks with tags, or keep some secret and others public.
-fantastic upload and organization system.

Pixiv and Twitter are a great combo and it's what I use now.



Started out as an anatomical heart study, but quickly turned into something else. Blublublub…

Print available on Society6


Does anyone have a Discord invite???

Hey guys, since Tumblr decided to remove 18+ stuff on 17th December, I just wanna ask does anyone have any invites for discords about cardiophilia or resus fetish kinda thing??? Screw Tumblr.

I’ve got a list of cardiophile Discord servers I know about up on Heart2Heart.

Added a few more to the list just now, although I know I’m still missing some. If anyone has any servers they’d like me to include just let me know!

3 days ago

Empty house and I'm in a cardiophile mood. Perfect time for a stream! Feel free to say hi :)
More at my tumblr: https://kgv41.tumblr.com/


Do u have any tendency to visible heartbeats?

Yeah, fairly often. Mostly after exercise, or the occational sudden burst of anxiety. And I’ve been noticing it more and more as I’ve been losing weight over the last year or so. Actually recording it is a bit harder though, since my camera isn’t very good and the lighting in my room is terrible. I am trying though, so keep your eyes open :)


When did you first learn you liked hearts? :)

I’ve always felt kinda strange about hearts, in general. When I was younger, I always get really embarrased and nervous around things to do with hearts, even just the word. I’d avoid saying it. I never really thought about why.

As I got a little older, it went from just being something that freaked me out to an interest. And then it went from an interest to something more when I hit the age when you start to work out a lot of interesting things about yourself.

There was no defining moment, or one big experience that really stands out. Just a kind of slow realisation. I’m sure that this is a lot less interesting than the answer you hoped for, sorry about that,  but it’s true.

3 days ago

i have made a discord server
its a work in progress but i have already laid down the framwork
here is the inv link :  " discord.gg/9Uedywf "
i try to keep general order but its a free speech area ( no bans on political opinions but i might challange you to elaborate them)
i opened specific rooms for most topics that came out the top of my head

I'm on tachycardia medication and it works very well, but it makes my heart pound and skip more often. I cannot guarantee you that you'll be able to hear it, but enjoy anyways x


Date the entity that makes your chest spark with warmth. They push their invisible, incorporeal hands past your ribs, to wrap around your heart with a soft warmth that spreads like the first sip of a hot drink. They know they can’t harm you but their touches are gentle anyway, leaving them with a bittersweet ache as they watch you smile at the sensation. They will be there to sooth you, always.

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