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Privacy Policy

We don't (and never will) track or sell your information, but some of it is collected for standard site activities.

Information collection and usage

To make the site work properly, we collect the following information that you send to us:

Username and other profile info

We collect your profile information so that we can display it in your profile and remember your site settings.

It's kept until your account is deleted, but copies may exist in backups for up to a year before being securely erased.


Your email is collected and stored so that you can recover a lost password and so we can send you email notifications. These can be disabled, and by default your email is hidden from other users.

Like your profile information, it's erased immediately with your account, but may hang around in system backups for up to a year later.

Your content

Your posts, files, and PMs are stored in the database so you and other people can access them later.

These are erased as soon as you hit the Delete button, although copies may exist in system backups for up to a year later.

Your IP

Your IP address is collected during the following situations:

  • Heart2Heart stores your IP every time you visit or interact with the site in the form of standard access logs for site maintenance. This is erased after 2 weeks.

  • Heart2Heart collects your IP every time you register for an account, make a post, upload a file, or send a PM and stores it in the database.


This site uses cookies to improve your experience while on the site.

  • Heart2Heart places a cookie on your computer to store your login information so that you stay signed in.
    This is erased when you log out.

  • Heart2Heart also uses a temporary cookie to track which posts you've seen to display Read/Unread markers.
    This is erased when you close your browser.

Third parties

This site uses Google AdSense (and your donations) to help keep the site running. To personalize ads to you, Google AdSense uses cookies to track your activity across the web.

Heart2Heart has requested that tracking be disabled for the site, but you can request that Google limit their tracking of you elsewhere here (and we recommend that you do).

Their full cookie and privacy policy can be found on their website.

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