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16 hours ago

I like how clearly you can hear my lungs here as well


Here’s a recent chest x-ray taken of me from a medical check-up, this one is a lot clearer than the last x-ray file I uploaded on here. I was pretty surprised for a few reasons, one being that the actual “film” they gave me was a piece of photo paper with an A4 size that’s a lot better for scanning compared to old school large x-ray films.

The other thing I was surprised was how clearly I could see my heart in this one. I haven’t really shown my chest on this blog yet, but I guess the inside of my chest will do for now. Hope you all like it.

Just a regular file of my heart going in its usual speed when I’m recording.

Littlegeorge wrote:

I have this guy I have known a long time and he is straight and he knows I am gay.  We were room mates about a year or so ago and I was able to get him to let me hook him up to my EKG machine a few times.  He didn't have any issues with me being gay and we became pretty good friends, well he moved out and I still talked to him on Facebook a lot and I asked him if he came back to visit would he let me rest my head on his chest and listen to his heart.  I told him about the heart thing and he said he wouldn't have an issue with it. 
Well....he came into town and he stayed at my place, and right before we were supposed to go to bed I reminded him of our Facebook conversation and he told me to come into the bedroom and he would lay down and I could rest my head on his chest. I was hoping he would take his shirt off but I was just grateful to be able to listen to his heart so I didn't push it  I was able to listen to his strong heart for about 45 minutes he put his arms around me for about 5 minutes then he put them to his side even though I had my arms around him.  I really enjoyed listening to  his strong heart and we talked a little bit about things but it was nice to listen to his heart since I had wondered about his heart for a long time. 
when I got done listening to him, I thanked him and he said that it was a pretty interesting experience and he understood that I had been pretty lonely and he was glad he could help. 
It was weird, I felt so safe and protected listening to his heart and I felt safe and protected, I wasn't sure if it was because he was such an alpha male or not but I told him I appreciated him letting me listen to his heart.  After that I left his room and I went to bed. .  It was kinda cool


That was so sweet! Thanks for sharing your story!

PineMarten wrote:

Have you ever opened up to someone (who isn't a cardiophile) about your love of hearts/heartbeats?

I'm not brave enough & to be honest I don't want to talk about it with irl people. I feel like they would misunderstand and think I'm some kind of creep. I think the real human heart is beautiful, but I'm not sure how many would agree (aside from biologists/cardiologists). It also feels so personal that I can't stand the notion of others mocking me or spreading this info around.

I agree. My family and my wife knows. My family by accident, but I'm glad they know. My wife I literally told the night we met and she told me she felt the same. I never anyone else aside from close friends and family, and I never will.

Diff wrote:

Alright so you're talking to someone because that's what normal people do, right? Maybe you're talking to a cardiophile let's say. And they ask "How's your heart?"


how exactly are you supposed to respond to that? "Fine"? "Not sure I haven't seen him in a while"? "Doing backflips in the street"? "Ironically liking K-Pop"?

I hate questions like this, unless it's from my wife or a close friend. It's weird to me any other way. Just ask me how I am. :rolleyes:


My favourite thing about listening to someones heart without a stethoscope is that you can feel the power of their ventricles thumping against the side of your head and it feels absolutely incredible.

i hook myself and let them figure it out.

with butt turnd to potato-est quality possible

5 days ago

I like both, but I quit drinking caffeine so now I don't have either. (Decaf coffee and tea taste terrible)

angelheart@Heart2Heart created a new topic: heart.PNG
5 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

Diff@Heart2Heart created a new topic: A nice thought
5 days ago

Was scrolling through my Q&A history on one of my favorite sites to waste time on and ran across a question where I asked "What's a nice thought?" and one of the answers I got was:

here we are
hearts beating
maybe they arent
maybe one of us is a vampire or something
seeing and hearing so much
we are alive
and that's enough

6 days ago

Both!  :D  Flavored coffee, coffee with creamers, coffee with almond milk, coffee with Bailey's, etc.  As for tea, green teas, black teas, herbal teas, I will try them.  It's good weather for any of it right now.

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