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Very healthy sounding heart.  Good solid s1 and s2, no murmur, beautiful rhythm.  Would love to hear through my cardiology steth!  Any comments from the doctors who have listened to her?

397 days ago

I don't care for the death and gore part of this fetish in fact I have a mild disdain for it. This is why I started making my own gifs as there was hardly non dark cardiophila stuff out there. However when Mr Hyde want's to play there are no boundaries.

LIVE HEART MONITOR - Streaming female unsteady heartbeat -


Holy crap this is awesome lol

Female heartbeat variations during heart monitor audio stream.

For any of the people leaning against it, if you have any specific concerns maybe you could message me? It might be possible to do something to address those. Thank you.

Holter Monitor Audio Stream of Female Heart INTENSE speed and irregular change of rhythm. Heartbeat is speeding up. Smoking during tachycardia. Holter Monitor medical record very clear heart...

Female Heart Hooked up to Holter Monitor - ASMR HEART EXAM Live streaming audio of female heart rhythms. Lots of heart rate changes. It's a little faster because I am streaming. I've taken...

397 days ago

Actually for a phone it's very good. I like it a lot. Your heart sounds great.

Hooked up to holter monitor during tachycardia. Female heartbeat reaction to 25 mg adderall and caffeine, and Heartbeat reaction to tobacco.

398 days ago

Even through my shaking hand which was holding the cam, you can slightly see my vissible heartbeat.

Long stream, while doing work today. I will not be on chat much, but please come listen ;)

I've never met one either - how do you go about meeting someone who is, and is interested in a steth session?

398 days ago

75 while wandering around the house trying to find something.

398 days ago

Just did some quick testing on a 100% fresh install of Windows 10. And I *might* have found an answer. It didn't work at first, but that was because I didn't have audio drivers installed, and then it was because I didn't have a default mic set. Once I got those two sorted out it worked for me.

BUT if that doesn't solve it for you, (assuming you're still interested in trying to get it to work :P ) try cracking open Notepad, pasting this in:


and saving in the HeartDetect folder as "whateveryouwant.bat". Just make sure it's got the .bat extension and not the .txt extension. There's a little drop down that says "Text file (.txt)" that you might have to change to "All files (*.*)". Then just double click on it and the black window that flickered and disappeared should now stick around, and it should have the error we're looking for in it.

398 days ago

It didn't say anything unfortunately, the file just refused to load...

398 days ago

94, just chilling



your heart is mine ????

398 days ago

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