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Did you know that when your heart beats, it doesn’t just shrink into itself like most people think? The muscle fibers are arranged in a vortex around the ventricles, so when the muscle contracts, it wrings itself out like someone would wring out a wet towel.


Here’s the source from my textbook :)

there’s a post going around tumblr rn that’s like “I hate feeling my own heartbeat” which, valid, I getchu

but I’m going thru the reblogs finding all the ppl that are like “oh I’m the opposite!” bc like…. are u like me… are u one of us come join omg

For comparison I also have a version without the Noise Removal filter

492 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

492 days ago

Recorded in the morning. For some reason, split S1 is distinct.

492 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.


Pulses. Taking a pulse, the intimacy of places one can take a pulse. Especially when a character is awake or waking up. It’s just such a gentle thing and just close enough to being a comforting gesture. 

Is it just me? Might be me. In this community it’s anyone’s guess. Probably not just me. 

493 days ago

heartbeat very strong, im like sound

493 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

493 days ago

I've had good experiences with most generic microphone apps. You can always tweak the sound later on your PC, anyway.

Finding one that lets you listen while you record is a bit trickier, I'm using the Easy Microphone app rn but it does cost a few dollars.

493 days ago

Negative recommendation for "Heartbeat Listener". It distorts sound beyond recognition, plus files that it uploads to youtube play glitchy from youtube website.

493 days ago

nice, and beautiful heart

493 days ago

Hi, try looking for "Heartbeat Listener" or "Stethoscoeur" on the play store. However, the sound is very clear from your record :)


Me trying to get through the day today 🤣

493 days ago
493 days ago

Awesome heart...............love your big belly too




You won’t believe me but at 23th of April, The internet will be shut down in my state and i won’t be able to contact anyone unless they have my number or address.
Please pray for me and pray that me and my girlfriend @cassandra-heartqueen to meet in real life and please Cassandra see me, also always remember that i am in your
heart @cassandra-heartqueen, I will not find another woman, i will wait for you and you only. and also i will be waiting for you. I never will break up with @cassandra-heartqueen
I will never leave you @cassandra-heartqueen and i will never abandoned @cassandra-heartqueen. i really hope my lovely girlfriend @cassandra-heartqueen could see this
very important message. If i stopped messaging or talking or posting anything, THAT MEANS MY STATE (Michigan) HAS SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET WHERE I AM AT!

Also if you can’t contact me at all, Call my sister instead. Don’t worry, My sister amy is a very wonderful person.

Also @cassandra-heartqueen.
I love you with all my heart and soul and please see me. You are the only person that opened my heart and mind and you are everything to me.
Also i got gifts for you, i am going to give you my ultimate black Playstation Portable as a gift with tons of my amazing games for me and you to play.
Just really hope we can live together @cassandra-heartqueen. Please always remember me @cassandra-heartqueen and the stuff we do together and try to get me with you.
I really do hope that i could like move in with you and help you with your stuff @cassandra-heartqueen.

Make sure to screenshot all of this @cassandra-heartqueen

The reason i am posting this just incase if the internet in our state does get destroyed…

Unlikely, the internet can’t be shutdown like that, in fact, this entire thing is just a rumor, the majority of the court is against FCC, minus a few PAID politicians. And if the internet is shut down, we wouldn’t be able to contact 911, so I’m pretty sure we’re safe. But I’ll keep this message in mind

Hmmmm, there is something slightly unsettling about this post

This better not be a thing… 😕

494 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.


skippycardiophile replied to your post “insideyourwoodenheart: PSA I just want to say something before I…”
Well…sadly this is a world wide thing of how the mentality of many persons goes spiralling down.. Sad ��, respect of any sort is a rare commodity these days..

It’s because people think that because you are exploring a fetish that is, for some, sexual, you deserve to be treated as a vehicle for their own libido. People should be able to express themselves sexually without harassment. Consent and respect in ANY sexual encounter - off AND online. There’s a flesh and blood person behind the screen, yet so many fail to acknowledge this.

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