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It’s amazing how confident a mask can make you


Decided I should post a few images that show how I actually look, stretchmarks, scars and all. Maybe I will buy some wax for next time though. Let me know what you think :)


“Hush little one… it’s all about your heart” (final part)

Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 3 is here Part 4 is here Part 5 is here Part 6 is here Part 7 is here

He quickly and efficiently applied the AED pads to her still, lifeless chest - taking just a fleeting moment to enjoy the sight of her. How ironic, he thought to himself - just a few minutes ago he was cruelly driving electricity through her wildly panicking heart to deliberately force it into fibrillation. Now he was about to use that same electricity to make it beat normally once again….


As soon as the unit was charged, he pressed the button to deliver the first shock…


The feelings of complete domination came flooding back as he pressed the button - knowing he was once again forcing an electric current through that fragile little muscle. He felt his cock stiffen as her body jerked in response, arms twitching loosely by her sides. He half-hoped it hadn’t worked, desperately craving the chance to shock her again.

His half-hope was answered - the robotic voice of the AED machine announcing that another shock was advised. He slid his fingers just inside her panties and pressed hard into the silky-soft spot where her femoral pulse should be gently throbbing. Nothing. She was indeed still in cardiac arrest, and yet another tingling stab of arousal rushed through his groin. He wondered how it would feel to fuck a girl in cardiac arrest….

The beep of the AED machine interrupted his thoughts, signalling that it was charged and ready to shock again. His fingers left her panties and found the button on the AED… “Clear…” he found himself saying, to no one in particular …..


“Analysing rhythm…” the machine declared. He was already doing his own analysing, one hand round her neck to find any sign of a pulse, the other pressed hard on her chest over her apex checking for any sign of movement beneath.

Nothing. Nothing at all. The first cracks of doubt were beginning to appear in his mind…. what if he’d gone too far? What if he’d had a misguided over-confidence in his own skills, and actually he wasn’t able to bring her back? Trying hard to push such thoughts away, his hands were locked over her sternum and rhythmically pumping well before the machine instructed him to “resume CPR…”


Tirelessly, and almost brutally, he provided heart massage until the machine was charged for another shock. Overriding the machine’s auto-settings, he adjusted it to deliver the maximum 360 jolt - knowing that the odds of survival after a third unsuccessful shock would be very small. He said a silent prayer as he pushed the button for a third time…


“Beep…. beep…. beep….” sounded the ECG to which she was still attached. Tap-tap-tap went the pulse against his fingertips pushed hard into the side of her neck….

“Bingo…” he whispered, smiling to himself contentedly as he unzipped his jeans. “I may not yet know what it’s like to fuck a girl in cardiac arrest….but I’m sure as hell going to find out what it’s like to fuck a freshly-resuscitated one….”

The end

I’m usually too shy to leave comments, but I have to say that this series has been genuinely amazing, really well put together and sexy as hell. Thanks <3

Also I blame you for the fact that I suddenly find resus really hot and desperately want someone to do this to me.

I use a lapel mic and slide it into the earpiece of a steth. Of course, it only works on soft earpieces, but it holds it in there very securely.

15 days ago

I had a couple slightly different designs, the current favourite is: 4mm capsule mic from aliexpress (they are, like, a dollar for a dozen), thick-walled silicone tube from amazon, 4mm internal diameter, cable from an old headset or mic, and hot glue. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mYBrF … OdaZPRGdPv

15 days ago

Super basic here, literally just press my phone into my chest. If I need hands-free, I have a belt that I wrap around myself and slip my phone under that. Want to get an actual microphone eventually but even if I did I'm not quite sure how to get started with it. Like I know a lot of people create steth mics but.

16 days ago

Good day!
I'm curious as to how everyone records their heart beat.

I'd like to get suggestions too on how to record using only my smartphone since my pc is out of commission.


Do u like men or women? do you like both men and womens hearts, or do you prefer one?

(Huh. Could have sworn I answer this one a while ago, but I looked through my blog and couldn’t find it. Oh well).

I’m Bisexual, with no preference towards male or female. The same goes for hearts, I can enjoy enjoy anyone’s, regardless of gender.

Funnily enough, cardiophilia was one of the things that kind of eased me into the idea of not being straight. This and the furry community really took me through that period of sexual confusion very comfortably, which is nice.


An oldie, but I realized it wasn’t on my account. Here’s a vid of my heart visibly pounding after some exercise. Enjoy!

I'm curious about what my heart looks like (e.g. on MRI/ultrasound/x-ray), but on the other hand, the main way people find out is when doctors are investigating known/suspected heart disease :c
Anyone else wonder what their heart looks like?

A man's heart weighs approximately 0.55% of his body weight, while a woman's heart weighs about 0.53% of her body weight. Something to think about if you're curious about the weight of your heart.

Feel free to say hi :)
More at my tumblr: https://kgv41.tumblr.com/

21 days ago

Title says it all

21 days ago

Just sat about chating, with my steth stuck at apex.

Let me know what you think :)

Pretty obvious skip at 3:00

Feel free to say hi :)
More at my tumblr: https://kgv41.tumblr.com/

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