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29 days ago


I’ve not made a proper post in a while, so I thought I should make a quick update, just to let people know what’s going on with me. While I’m at it, I may as well talk about what I’m planning in future too, because the best time to make a yearly update post is two months in.

So, yeah. I’ve not made a real post for a few months. If you’re around at the right time, you’ll have probably seen stream announcement posts, but since I delete those, I don’t really count them as content. This has really just been because I’ve had no energy and not much time. This has affected my replying to messages too, I don’t want to seem like a disinterested arsehole who just throws out three-word messages every conversation, so I put off replying until I’m feeling more energetic. Then suddenly it’s been a week and replying now would be worse. It’s not because I’m bored with tumblr, or because I’ve been scared off by someone.

What now?

Hopefully I’ll start posting more often, as well as streaming. I’ve got some plans for a few recordings, a few bits of writing that I’ve been delaying for ages now and a fun idea or two.

I stream on youtube fairly often, normally from 8 in the evening on (GMT). It’s mostly heartbeats and video games, but I do other stuff too. I always post announcements here and remove them once it’s over so if you see one, I’m live at that second. If you don’t want to see my announcement posts spamming out the tags, block #kgv41Streams . I make sure to tag every announcement post with that, to make blocking them easier.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any requests for recordings or anything, please let me know. I’m always worried that the stuff I post is boring, so knowing that at least one person likes an idea would be great.

My ask box is always open, and I’m happy to answer what ever questions you might have.

I’m always happy to chat. If you’ve sent me a message in the last few months, chances are I’ve not replied. Sorry. It’s nothing personal, like I’ve said above. Feel free to send me a new one if you’re still interested in talking.

29 days ago


A Party for Two

It’s been a long time. For years now, this has been my most requested piece of writing. I had intentions for a follow up at one point, but I essentially quit Tumblr before it ever happened. However, it’s just again been requested in the past week, so I thought I’d throw another piece out for old times’ sake. Hope you enjoy.

This is a sequel to Life of the Party. You can read the original piece here:



Two weeks had passed since the cuddle party experience, but Sarah couldn’t quite stop focusing on her memories. It had challenged her - changed her - in a way she couldn’t quite describe in words. She felt bolder, more confident, more… she wasn’t quite sure, but it had something to do with Rafael.

They’d exchanged numbers, texted a bit here and there. He was a busy law student and she was the marketing director for a start up, so schedules clashed and time for conversation was minimal. However, they’d found an afternoon that was mutually free… and that afternoon was here, complete with all the butterflies and anticipation second meetings bring. So here she was.

She got out of her car and started walking toward the sand. Warm rays danced upon the grass, and the water glistened. It was a beautiful day. Don’t look too nervous, she thought to herself, as she scanned faces of people seated on benches, intentionally oblivious to the storm of feelings and thoughts that washed over her like the waves breaking on the shore. Where was he?

A slight touch on her shoulder made her start. Without warning, he was close beside her, his olive skin nicely contrasted against a basic white tee. “Hola, princesa.” If he was nervous, his voice certainly didn’t betray it. She was jealous. “Hello,” she squeaked, annoyed by her own voice’s lack of bravado. “How are you?”

The next few hours were a blissful blur of getting-to-know-yous and look-at-how-lovelys and what-would-you-like-to-do-nows. Rafael was polite and courteous, but also flavorful and dynamic, with a hint of Latin spice, if you could describe a person like that. It felt like a right description, anyway. I’ll go with it.

They had come to the end of the board walk and the sun was beginning its descent, illuminating the world in a fiery crescendo before it faded; vibrant reds slowly gave way to soft blue hues that made everything feel like it came out of a fairy’s storybook. Rafael turned to her. “And now, bella?” Sarah felt the heat in her cheeks as she admitted, “I don’t really want to go home yet, but I don’t know what to do.” There was nowhere to sit - benches were nonexistent on this part of the beach, and the ground had become unforgiving and cold without the sun to warm it. He didn’t seem to share her uncertainty, however. “Ah, it’s okay. Follow me.”

He led her to a building built alongside the boardwalk, and opened a side door with a rusty key. It squeaked as he shut it. They entered an elevator and she grew nervous. Where are we going? The lift hummed steadily until it reached the top floor, labeled unhelpfully as ‘11’. The doors opened, and she found herself on a rooftop terrace, generously bathed in the soft yellow glow of a string of lanterns. Beneath them was a comfortably worn red sofa, with some large cushions piled on one end and a slightly worn, lovely gray knitted afghan draped over one arm. Wow.

Her words tumbled slowly over each other. “What… is… this place?” “My dream space,” he said simply, as he removed the cushions to make some room, but he didn’t sit. “My family manages these apartments and my father gave me this so I would have somewhere to see the stars, and remember there is joy in the world when I find life to be overwhelming. I hope it is adequate?” He looked a bit apprehensive, as if he thought she might judge him a bit too theatrical or something. Yeah, right. It was definitely a step up from adequate.

That’s what she thought, anyway, but all she said was out loud was, “Absolutely. Thank you.” He proceeded to walk over to a small radio she hadn’t noticed and flipped it on. A beautiful Spanish ballad filled her ears. Rafael turned to her and held out his hands. His voice was just above a whisper - it was almost seductive when combined with his Spanish accent. “Te gusta bailar, princesa? Do you like to dance?” She grinned shyly. “Yes.”

He gently took her into his arms and pulled her away from the sofa, before placing her left hand on his shoulder. The other hand he clasped with his left, and she felt his right hand upon the small of her back. His touch was soft and firm at the same time, and he began to lead her in a slow waltz around the terrace. He’s very good, she thought dreamily, as they circled about heating vents and old boxes and other small heaps of random items she didn’t acknowledge.

The songs blended together artfully, and Sarah didn’t know how many they had danced to, nor when they began and ended. She found herself inching closer to Rafael, until such a time as she was leaning her head upon his chest, swaying together as one in the mixed light of lantern and moon. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. “Princesa,” Rafael whispered, “come.”

He removed himself to the plush red cushions, and opened his arms in invitation. She gladly accepted, and arranged her body so that she was sitting close beside him and facing away, before leaning back into his embrace. He stroked her hair. “May I feel your pulse now, bella?” he asked with the teeniest hint of anticipation. She smiled to herself. He’s been waiting. “Yes.”

He carefully brought his fingers to her neck and closed his hand around it, pressing gently into her carotid. Unexpectedly, he removed it almost immediately. “Is something wrong?” she asked, confused. “No. I just now had a thought that it isn’t fair that I should get to experience a heart, but not you. Try this.” He shifted her slightly and tilted her head so that her ear was directly situated against his pectoral muscle, and she could clearly hear the steady echo of his heartbeat. She snuggled in. This is perfect.

Rafael took the grey afghan from the arm of the sofa and spread it over them both, before reaching back somewhere and producing his stethoscope. She took the bell and placed it squarely above her breastbone, where she knew the sounds were loudest. He took the ear pieces and put them in, and then his hand found its way back to her throat. With his other hand, he continued stroking her hair. Sarah’s breath slowed and she soon found herself in a very sleepy, dreamlike state of relaxed comfort.

They stayed like that for what seemed both like an eternity and also an instant, before Sarah’s phone buzzed. She checked and found a text from her roommate saying she’d locked the door and would see Sarah in the morning. It was nearly midnight.

“Rafael, I have to go. I work at 7.” She looked up at him, immediately aware that she didn’t sound convincing, even to herself. “Sí, Sarah, you should, but…” he cut himself off and glanced away shyly. She pressed. “But what?” “But… this has been so enjoyable, bella. I just wish we could stay forever.” The disappointment was evident. She replied without quite thinking about it, surprising herself. What am I doing?

“Can I come back tonight?” The resulting smile was all the confirmation she needed. Only a day to go.

kit_kat wrote:

Are you a social worker? Because if you are, from one social worker to another, I see several violations in code of conduct you have made. Now I can understand your reasoning behind wanting to give the young lady (she’s almost an adult at 17, not a kid) a stethoscope, but isn’t that more thinking with your fetish in giving that gift? Forgive me if I am wrong, but my duty to my profession tends to always be on my mind all the time.

I agree, as another social worker I see this as being ethically wrong.

I've told both serious boyfriends that I've had in my life about my interest. They both weren't bothered. My fiance is actually a nurse and lets me use his old stethoscope (a cheap one he used in school) on him once in a while. He also encourages me to listen when were cuddling which is very nice :) I had to tell him more than once about it because he didn't really understand what I was trying to tell him (he just thought I was plain into medical cardiology lol). Never regret telling either of them, although I am always nervous bringing it up out of fear of being rejected or shamed.

It sounded lovely!!! Thanks for letting us listen. :heart:

30 days ago

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30 days ago

Not really any heart-related lyrics but it's got some heartbeat-sounding sounds at the beginning and the drums keep up that pattern



31 days ago

The weather is warm today, and my heartbeat became visible! Before, it was not visible under the jacket 🤣

thewyrdguy@Heart2Heart created a new topic: MOV_1152.mp4
31 days ago

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31 days ago

Quietly Sieges. Feel free to say hi :)
More at my tumblr: https://kgv41.tumblr.com/

33 days ago


34 days ago

Fun little Valentine's day thing happened today.

Yesterday, this guy on another site I run posted a gfx suggestion to add a little beating heart aura to the game for Valentine's day. And today, turns out the game staff pushed out a whole update just to add the aura:


Which is pretty neat.

35 days ago

For me just sending off a box of heart related things.

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