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#1 2019-04-06 14:02:03

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Inexpensive EKG with capability to download recorded data, anyone?

I want an image of an ECG strip of my heart with multiple PVCs on it as my banner picture. I wonder what would the the most convoluted way to obtain one?..

Suggestions to get any monitor and photograph the screen are a no. I want better resolution and a longer strip. Can someone recommend an inexpensive monitor with USB and/or BLE interface? (Preferably without a requirement to use propitiatory software in order to get the data.)

It would seem that PC 80A fits the requirements? (Though it is only single channel, with ability to switch input between leads.) Anyone tried to download recordings to the computer? Maybe such person could share a sample of raw data with me, so I could judge how suitable it is for me?

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