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my first made up story

Cheetah heart
This story is about a high performance athlete named Michael, who managed to surpass the mark of the fastest man in the world at that time, in the program resistant heart, currently nicknamed the cheetah, or the cheetah, due to the speed that reached in the last moments of the most extreme marathon in the history of sport, here we will give you the information from Michael's diary, which he shared with Cardiology students Pryskorene sertse from Ukraine, Silnoye serdtse from Russia and Kurisutaruhato from Japan.
Hello, this is my story, I am a high-performance athlete one day they decided to evaluate all high-performance athletes at a cardiovascular level, cardiology students appear to take the tests.
I have always been a very nervous and shy boy, at my medical appointments my nerves beat me, so these tests put me on edge, especially in my heart, which is very reactive to these things, since I was little the doctors They make me nervous and whenever they checked my heart, my heart rate was high, but after a while I calmed down and returned to normal, I am also very shy with my body, I am quite thin, I think due to exercise, so that it is not easy for me to take off my shirt, but this time in the name of sport I will have to control myself.
Chapter 1 Pryskorene sertse
I had a very beautiful red-haired female student wearing a white coat and a stethoscope, red, with an athletic body and I, well, with a very thin body, with black hair, I was quite nervous, despite being in good physical condition, the Doctors make me very nervous, she comes over and says hello my name is pryskorene sertse, but you can call me prys, I will be your personal cardiologist, I will take care of your heart, and we will seek that of him better performance in martial arts tests, career , and other high performance sports competition tests, your name is Michael right, in that I answer yes, well we will go to the medical check-up, first I will listen to your heart and check that you do not have any strange noise, such as murmurs, later I will check your frequency cardiac at rest and during exercise, and finally I will give you your first results, they will be easy tests, your calm everything will be fine.
In that pryskorene places his red stethoscope with the olives in his ears, and says to me, pick up your shirt and you stay as calm as you can, I am going to listen to your heart, in that pryskorene places the stethoscope on my chest and begins to listen to my heartbeat, I was very nervous, so soon she would notice that my heart would be beating very fast and accelerated, in that pryskorene listens very attentively, and looks at her watch and begins to count my beats out loud, for a minute, At the end of counting, he stays a few more seconds listening with the stethoscope, he looks at me and smiles at me and then he takes off his red stethoscope and tells me I have noticed that your heart is beating very fast, it seems like a locomotive, lubdublubdublubdub, your heart rate is very high You're very nervous right Michael, your heart does race, even so, I have not heard any abnormal sounds, the S1 and S2 are normal, only that rapid march of your heart was the only abnormal thing, but it is because of your nerves. Okay, that's why I answer yes, the medical exams make me very nervous, that's why she answers me calmly, everything will be fine, your heart sounds very strong and your heartbeat is quite pleasant, I quite like the heartbeat and the incredible what it is, how strong it is, the reaction it has during different circumstances, that's why I decided to study cardiology, I think you and I will be a very good team, studying your heart will be fun and I will learn a lot, you will be a very good sample, for me thesis, on the performance of the heart in very extreme exercise conditions, I will evaluate how strong your heart is, and its resistance in various types of exercises and sports, well prepare for the next test Michael, because we will continue evaluating your fast heart, now you will pass With my thesis partner, to the stress test, first I will measure your blood pressure, in that pryskorene, measure my blood pressure and tell me your blood pressure is normal, see you later Michael, go to room 2 and present with silnoye serdtse.


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