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#1 2018-04-30 02:15:13

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How bans work

Received a few messages asking how bans work, so I decided to make a little Q&A topic to publicly answer questions about the whole process.

What does it mean when someone is banned?

It means they're no longer allowed to be on the site. This can be temporary or it can be permanent. Usually I avoid permanent bans at all costs unless there's no hope of change.

What happens when you're banned?

When a user is banned, they're 100% blocked from 100% of the site. If they visit any part of Heart2Heart while banned, they only receive a message that they've been banned, a short reason, the expiration date if one exists, and some info to contact me. All their posts, files, and messages are left untouched.


Why do people get banned?

For breaking the rules. Once I hear of a disruptive or harassing pattern of behavior, I'll reach out in some way to make sure they know that something's wrong. If nothing changes they can end up with a ban.

That's all the questions that I was asked, if there's anything else you'd like cleared up just let me know!


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