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My heartbeat story: The Pump of Her

This is really really long. I hope you enjoy it. This story can also be found on Wattpad. It’s called The Pump of Her.

Maisie’s POV

Let’s get this straight, Maisie is a cardiophile. She’s been one ever since she was 5. Of course, she had no idea what she was doing at that time 😉.
Maisie has a girlfriend, Liz. Well, her name is actually Aliza (pronounced Ah-Liz-ah - like Alyssa with a “z”) but she always found it hard to explain her unusual name, so everyone just calls her Liz.

One night, Maisie and Liz were in bed together. Normally, Maisie would listen to heartbeat audio, look at a heartbeat video or just repeat words like pulse, beating, pumping in her head over and over again. But tonight, Maisie wanted something more. Something real. So, she thought she’d take the opportunity of the fact that someone was in her bed with her.

Maisie moved on her side, and shifted herself so that her ear was pressed up against Liz’s chest. It took her a while to get into the right position but then... it happened. She heard it. Heard the sound. The beat. Her heart.

At first, it was soft and slow.
Boom... boom...boom... boom.
Like a series of slow, quiet explosions from a distance all compacted in the space of her chest.

Then, Maisie asked Aliza a burning question. She asked, “What do you think about hearts?” Maisie felt Liz’s heart beat a little faster.
Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum. Bum.
Maisie assumed it was the suddenness of her question. Or maybe it was just the question in general?
“Uh. They’re cool.” Liz replied.
Taking a sharp breath in between (which fastened her heart rate a little more), Liz continued; “Yeah. They pump in your body all the time. That’s pretty awesome.” There was a moment of awkward silence, as Mais and Liz breathed deeply while Maisie felt Liz’s pumping heart come to a slow beat.

Liz took another deep breath and asked Maisie hesitantly, “Can you... uh... feel my heartbeat right now?”
“Yes.” Maisie replied happily. She couldn’t stop smiling. She finally heard her girlfriend’s heart. But as she said yes, Maisie felt something happen to Aliza down below. It was the same feeling Mais got when she thought about a heartbeat.
‘Oh my god.’ Maisie thought. ‘Is Liz a cardiophile too?’
“What does my heart sound like?” Liz asked?
“Babum... babum... babum.” Maisie lied. She made it sound slower then how fast her heart was really going so that Liz didn’t feel embarrassed to the fact that it pumped faster when she mentioned her heart.

It was at this moment that Maisie got an incredible idea.
“Could you just... stay here. I have an idea for what we could do and I need a few things to make it happen.”

Liz’s POV

Maisie gets up out of the bed and heads towards her closet. Liz watches with curiosity as Maisie opens her closet door and pulls out a blue box.
‘What could she be getting?’ Aliza wondered.

To Liz’s delight, excitement and slight nervousness, Mais pulls out a stethoscope.
Her heart pounded as she reached for more.

Maisie pulls out a heart monitor wristband.
‘Yes! I’ll be able to see it too!” Liz was getting so excited. She had no idea Maisie was also a cardiophile.

“I hope you don’t think this is too weird.” Maisie said as she walked up to the bed.
It took a moment for Liz to reply as she was so focused on her racing pulse.
“NO. No n- not at all. It... It’s fine.” Liz quivered with her words. ‘Ugh, Aliza, why do you have to be so freakin’ awkward?!’
“If you’re uncomfortable then that’s fine. We don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable.” Maisie said reassuringly.
‘Dammit. I think she realizes my unease. God, she’s so nice though. I just love her.’
“No. Really it’s fine. I- I’m actually... I... I like it too. The whole heartbeat thing. I... think I’m a cardiophile.”

Maisie’s POV

Maisie’s face lit up. “Oh, oh wow. Well, so am I.”
“It’s amazing that we’ve found each other.” Liz said.
“Maybe there are more people like us then we thought. Oh gosh that was a relief. I just had to feel your heart beat and I needed to do something with it and I wasn’t sure if yo-
Before she could finish her sentence, Liz leaned in swiftly and pressed her beautiful lips against Maisie’s lips.
“Let’s do this.” Liz said.

Maisie grabbed the stethoscope and put the eartips in her ears. They caught onto her earrings but then they got in properly.
With both their hearts beating fast, Maisie touched the drum, and aimed the chestpiece for the slight left of Aliza’s chest, right where the harsh thump of her heart was.

Liz’s POV

Liz’s heart was rapidly pacing so hard she felt like Maisie could hear it without the steth on from on top of her. The chestpiece was just about to touch her chest when Liz blurted out, “Wait!”
Breathing harshly, she said, “I need to slow my heart rate down.”
“But a fast beat only makes it better.”
“You won’t judge?”
“No. Of course not.”
“Wow. Okay.” Liz always felt embarrassed if someone was listening to her heart and it began to pound fast. But maybe it was okay this time.
“You ready?” Maisie asked?

Maisie’s POV

Finally, Maisie touched the chestpiece to Liz’s chest, at her heart. She now felt it beat clearer and harder than ever. It was magical.
Babum. babum. babum. babum. Babum. Babum. babum

“Ooh I like how this is starting. Now, let’s put the monitor on shall we.” Maisie said in a sexy way. Which sounded unlike her, since normally she is so sweet and gentle. But now, she’s fierce. Ready to make her girlfriends heart race like a cheetah catching its prey.
Mais strapped the monitor band around Liz’s wrist, right where her radial pulse would be felt.

Maisie was so excited and so ready that she wanted to be bad. She needed to be though in order to feel and give the most amount of satisfaction her and Liz’s bodies and young hearts could take.

“Lets’s. Move.” Her voice was so full of power that she sounded almost unrecognizable. But she loved it.
Mais and Liz moved with they bodies drastically in order to make their hearts pound. More so Liz, since Maisie’s ears were directly exposed to her uncontrollable heart.
They moved slow, then fast. Slow. Then fast. But they shifted so quickly that their hearts wouldn’t slow, it would just get faster with the changes.

Maisie looked down at the heart monitor. It read 155bpm.
‘I wish I had a heart monitor for me. And another stethoscope that Aliza could use to feel my heartbeat. Maybe next time.’ She thought. ‘At least I can feel mine pounding like hers. That’s all I need right now.’

Liz’s POV

Liz felt Maisie’s warm breath on her. Her breathing was heavy. Just like Liz’s. It got harder and she kept moving and moving.
Huh hah huh hah huh hah huh hah huh hah huh hah huh hah
Maisie’s breath hitched but she still kept breathing fast. Her heart was sure working hard.

But that wasn’t what fueled her satisfaction, it was the pounding of her heart. She could feel her pulse race throughout her entire body. Mostly hard against her chest, but also in her wrist, her neck, her foot, her lips, her fingers.
“Okay. I think we need to say some words now.” Maisie said.
‘Yes!’ Liz thought. She loved this part.
“Can I do it?” Liz asked willingly.
“Okay... heartbeat.”
“THUMPing.” Liz exaggerated the “thump.”
Maisie’s breath hitched again. Even harder this time. But her powerful heart and breath kept going as usual.
“Okay. Let’s just go fast. And don’t stop. And keep getting faster.” Maisie said.
“Okay. I can do that.” Liz replied

Maisie’s POV

Liz’s heart was beating fast for sure. But Mais needed more. They were going fast. And they wouldn’t slow down. Liz’s heart was already at 176 beats per minute.
Their breathing was rapid, quick. Almost in sink.
Maisie took the best deep breath she could in between one of her pants (as in panting, not pants 👖😂). She shouted; “Faster!”
Both: “Uh! Uh. Uh uh uh uh!”
They were so out of breath now.
Then, the motion went crazy. Their legs moving almost as fast as both their incredibly hard-pumping hearts and faster then the speed of their rapid inhales and exhales.
“Ohohhoohhoohohohohohohoh. Uhuhuhuh uhh uh uh uh uh oh uh uh oh uh.”
They were so out of breath that the length in between their inhales and exhales was almost nothing.
“Aaahhhh.” Liz screamed.
‘Oh my god her heart is beating SOOO FAST!’ Maisie thought. She was too out of breath to talk. Even her thoughts were in her panting voice. But her heart was the one working it’s hardest.
‘I don’t think I’ve ever been this breathless in my life!’ Mais thought.
“Oh my godddd!!!” Liz screamed. It was so good. But she couldn’t breathe at all. She needed to catch her breath. “We need to stop.”
“Okay.” Maisie agreed.
Maisie took of the stethoscope and fell next to Liz. There was a mark on Liz’s chest where the chestpiece was. Both of their heartbeats were so hard that it spasmed their entire body, making the bed wobble and hit the wall each beat.
Maisie said, completely out of breath, struggling for words; “That... hahuhahuh... was the.. huhah.. most huuuhahuh... exersize... I’ve ever... huhah... done. Huhahuhah”

Liz’s POV

Liz was so out of breath that she couldn’t speak one syllable. All she could do was listen to heart heart and breathing and hear the bed bang against the wall. Then, in idea struck her. She grabbed the stethoscope, took of her heart monitoring bracelet and strapped it around Maisie’s wrist, putting her fingers underneath it so she could feel her radial pulse. It was 235bpm. Faster than Liz’s heartbeat.

She put the eartips in her ears and pressed the chestpiece to Maisie’s heart. She felt her heart. Beating so incredibly hard and fast. Maisie looked up into Liz’s eyes and smiled. Liz smiles back.
“I love you.”

The End.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love some feedback.
Also say what part does it most for you.

Thanks so much so reading. 💓💓💓


#2 2021-02-18 10:08:06

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Re: My heartbeat story: The Pump of Her

This is wonderful. you are a good writer. and its really amazing to read. Hope to read more from you


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