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#2 2022-06-25 15:43:07

From: Europe
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Re: Interoception

FWIW, I feel my heartbeat when I stay still in a quiet environment. It's getting less prominent with age though. I was never diagnosed with psychological disorders (which does not mean that I don't have them hahaha!).


#3 2022-09-23 20:41:49

From: Mid West - USA
Joined: 2021-10-11
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Re: Interoception

I'm pretty hyper aware of my heartbeat as well, almost all of the time. Kinda hard to ignore at points? I can still suppress it unless I'm stressed. Then there is no way I can hide it from myself. It can even become more intense when something has me anxious. I guess that could be a reason why I'm so obsessed with cardiophilia. It doesn't drive me crazy as I've mostly come to live with it. Definitely can aggravate my anxiety as I can't ignore the rate and force of my pulse. As a result it has been responsible for a few feedback loops of fear during a few panic attacks.

In a way I can feel each phase of the beat I guess? It doesn't take a lot of focus from me to tune into it. Often simply just able to automatically feel it without even thinking about my heart, kinda like background noise for me. The *tha-thump* of each beat I can usually feel behind my ribs as well as the pulses in my neck at times. Always aware of rate changes and irregularities as the palpitations and fluttery feelings I get when they happen are very strong.


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