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#21 2017-03-27 09:49:45

From: Toledo, OH
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Re: What do you guys use for editing files?

Pretty much always have and still use Audacity. :)


#22 2022-09-23 20:20:18

From: Mid West - USA
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Re: What do you guys use for editing files?

Time to share my setup here and bump this thread. The microphone I use is a Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone that I just plug into my PC. The mic end is small enough to fit in the connection end of a soft Littmann earpiece. Fits snug and never need to tape it down. You can find it or similar lav mics that work well for steth earpieces and tubing off Amazon for fairly cheap. I've seen some around $10.

All of the software I use to improve clarity and quality is free. When sharing or recording I do some preprocessing with EqualizerAPO. Free and not too hard to setup. Doesn't cause any latency issues and pretty responsive on Windows for applying filters to audio devices in real time. You are able to download and install some custom plugins, which I have a few. I use EqualizerAPO reduce recording hiss with a low-pass filter (around 1000 to 1200 HZ). I can also increase the gain on the mic if needed. Some live-compression seems to have helped recently with my custom plugins.

All audio editing, even for videos, is done in Audacity. Where I add any needed noise reduction, compression, limiters etc. I used to use the ThinkLabs version of Audacity for some of their preset filters but I don't like them so much anymore. I try to record and have my mic input rate at 48000hz. Then export to the best quality and format I can. Render it out to something smaller if I need to upload it somewhere with small file limits.

With videos I record everything in OBS. In the settings I try to export at my native resolution and scale up any inputs to match. In the recording settings I have two audio tracks. One being the stethmic and the other is what else may be going on, such as a video game. That way I can export and edit each track separately. OBS is also handy for some pre-editing tweaks. I can capture everything I want and lay it all into frame. This includes layering Cardia over the gameplay or cropping video inputs before it records. Very useful IMO. Lastly, OBS can start a virtual camera which some programs recognize as a webcam. I use this to help stream things live or stream my ultrasound live.

To track my Zephyr HRM: I just connect it to my PC via Bluetooth and use Cardia to simulate an ECG and get the monitor's heart rate.

Once everything is recorded and ready for final edits I dump it all into DeVinci Resolve. Export the audio tracks individually for further editing in Audacity if needed. After exporting a video I use HandBrake to reduce file sizes for uploading or to convert formats.


#23 2022-09-25 16:09:59

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From: United States East Coast
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Re: What do you guys use for editing files?

If anything, I use the "cut" tool built into EZ Voice Recorder. That or I just record straight into Telegram for my boyfriend.
My recording apparatus is the microphone from a pair of cheap earbuds and a small cup-shaped object. Previously, the cup was a condiment cup from Subway. Currently, it's a mini version of a vintage Tupperware bowl, on a keychain.

I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real nerd, I am an actual nerd


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