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Hi! I would also be interested in having a lady steth partner in southern California/ San Diego area. Daebaloo, I can't tell much about you from your profile, but if you're female maybe send me a PM and we can talk :) Same goes for any other cardiophile ladies in the area! 😉

Hello Guys, just for curiosity, how is  to do pushes? Can somebody explain me it? Sometimes I see some people get skips or irregular beats for some seconds or short minutes.

Amazing... i counted 120 bpm

Different people have different triggers for PVCs.
Here are some I know of:
1. Vagal maneuvers
2. Breatholds
3. Exertion
4. Stimulants (e.g. caffeine)
5. Position
If you plan to use a riskier method, always make sure there is somebody monitoring your condition. Should worst come to worst, someone is already there.

I had originally posted this to another site, but it got deleted. Just in case anyone wants to read it, I'm reposting here.

Maddie was hanging out in her dorm room with her friend Elizabeth. Maddie was the more outgoing one of two. She was laying on her bed and browsing her phone. Her cleavage hung out of her low cut tank top and her loose workout shorts didn't cover much of her butt. But she didn't worry about that around Elizabeth.

The blonde-haired Elizabeth spun around on Maddie's desk chair, looking for something to do. Her modest sundress danced while she moved. Eventually her eyes stopped upon a half open Amazon box. She perked up, “What's in the box?”

“Oh, that's my Halloween costume for this year. I'm going to be a 'Nighttime Nurse’,” Maddie responded, making air quotes around the silly name. “Costume makers should just call them what they are. Slutty Cinderella, Slutty Firefighter, Little Red Clitty Hood, Fuck My Pussycat.”

Elizabeth blushed. She knew her friend, but still got a bit uncomfortable when she started talking about sex. She was not nearly as open as Maddie. She started rummaging through the box. “This barely counts as a costume. More like underwear.”

“I know. Isn't it great? I don't think anyone's going to look me in the eyes all night. This thing makes my boobs pop! Still not as big as yours though.”

They had seen each other naked before while changing and in between showers. They both envied each other's boobs. Maddie's were a perfectly round and impossibly perky B cup, while Elizabeth's were a fuller naturally-shaped C cup. Guys were constantly fawning over both of them. 

Maddie sat up. “You know what's going to be the most fun though? I bought a real stethoscope to go with it. Like, an expensive one. Look under the costume.”

Elizabeth put the costume to the side. Underneath, she saw a light blue stethoscope with a curvy L on the end of it. “Wow, this looks like the one my doctor uses! This is legit. You probably spent a ton of money on it. Why did you get it?”

“Well, first of all, I feel like it'll get me a lot of attention at the parties. Imagine it.” Maddie pulled her shirt down more and squeezed her arms together, putting her chest on full display. Her left hand pushed into her left breast, over her heart. She turned on her most exaggerated flirty voice and said, “I think my heart is beating too quickly after looking at you. Can you check it out for me?”

Maddie laughed and Elizabeth followed. “I should've known you had ulterior motives. We just had the conversation the other day that you shouldn't shop while horny. You spend too much.” Elizabeth thumbed over the device in her hand. “Have you used it yet?”

“Yeah, I listened to my heart the other day. You should try it.” Maddie’s casual tone disguised how much she enjoyed listening to her heart the other day. The beating of her heart turned her on and she actually ended up touching herself. Her experience made her curious to use the stethoscope on someone else. She felt a hint of dampness in her panties already. “Let me show you how to put it on.”

Maddie took the stethoscope from her friend, opened it, and put it in Elizabeth's ears. Maddie tapped the diaphragm and asked Elizabeth if she could hear it. She nodded and took the stethoscope back. Elizabeth placed the diaphragm aimlessly on her chest over the cloth of her dress. She listened intently for several seconds.

“Either I'm deaf or I don't have a heart.” Elizabeth removed the earpieces with a pouty face. “Who would have thought that my ex would actually be right? First time for everything, I guess.”

“I don't believe that. Let me show you how to use it. Wait, I have a good idea. Turn around.” Elizabeth complied. Maddie pulled her tank top over her head to reveal a perky pair of boobs in a plain white bra. She reached back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Her boobs remained in place even once they lost their support. The perfect globes were accented by small, pink nipples already erect from arousal.

Maddie gave her nipples a quick squeeze and stifled a squeal of pleasure. She then tossed off her shorts to reveal white panties with the beginning of a damp patch in the crotch. Maddie rubbed her clit for a few seconds through her panties. Hopefully Elizabeth wouldn't notice.

“Okay, turn around!” Elizabeth turned around to see Maddie in her nurse costume and the stethoscope hanging from her neck. She was definitely going to get the boys’ attention. The nurse top was basically a white bra with sheer cloth covering the rest of her torso. Red crosses adorned her breasts. The bottom of the costume was just a short white skirt that was barely covered more than her underwear did.

Maddie spoke in her best nurse voice. “Okay Miss Elizabeth. Please strip down to your underwear and have a seat on my exam table!”

“You want me to strip? I don't even wear a bra with this dress! Really?”

“Clothing can get in the way of listening to the heart and lungs. That's partly why you couldn't hear before.” Maddie added with a wink, “Anyway, I'm a nurse. I've seen it all before. And with you, I definitely have.” Maddie flashed her cute smile that made guys fall in love and girls feel comfortable.

Elizabeth conceded that they had seen each other enough. And she was curious about hearing her heart. Maybe the dress was getting in the way. She slowly reached down and took off her dress. Initially, she covered her breasts with her arms.

“Alright Miss Elizabeth, hop up on the exam table,” Maddie said, patting the bed as she did. “Also, I can't hear your heart through your arms.”

Elizabeth got on the bed and slowly brought her arms to her side. Elizabeth had great teardrop shaped breasts. Her nipples reacted to the cold air and the thought of being exposed to her friend. Maddie felt her clit tingling, but she couldn't give it attention yet.

“Alright, I'm going to listen to your heart. Just act normal.” Maddie placed the diaphragm on Elizabeth's upper chest. Instantly, her ears were filled with the pounding of her heart.

A strong and steady Ba-boom Ba-boom Ba-boom…

This was the first time that Maddie had heard someone else's heart. It started to really get her juices flowing. “You certainly have a heart, Elizabeth. Maybe it's just hard to find behind these.” Maddie said as she grabbed a handful of her roommate's boob.

“That's not very professional of you, nurse Maddie!”

“Shhh. I'm trying to listen.” Maddie moved the stethoscope all over her friend's chest. She took her time exploring every inch of her friend. Some spots were louder than others, like when she put the stethoscope right under Elizabeth's left breast. Maddie kept the diaphragm there for a long time.

With each beat of Elizabeth's heart, Maddie felt herself getting wetter and bolder. After some long listening, she put the stethoscope right on Elizabeth's nipple. It responded by coming to attention.

Elizabeth wasn't sure how to feel about all of this. She was basically naked and her best friend was sitting in glorified underwear with her hands all over her breasts. Subconsciously, her quickening heartbeat betrayed a beginning of arousal, but Elizabeth did not notice that yet. She was, however, fully interested and curious.

Elizabeth started to slip into the role of the concerned patient. She inquired “How does my heart sound, nurse?” This brought Maddie back to Earth.

“It sounds lovely. Now I need to listen to your lungs. Take a deep breath when it touches you.” Maddie slid behind her patient on the bed to listen to her lungs. While out of sight, Maddie was able to slip one hand into her panties for a little relief.

The other hand placed the stethoscope on her friend's back. “Deep breath. Again. And once more.” Every time Elizabeth took a breath, Maddie watched her nipples rise and fall beautifully. Maddie was enjoying the view.

“Can I listen now? I've never heard a heart before.”

Maddie reluctantly handed the stethoscope to Elizabeth. She helped her friend to put the earpieces in and then placed the end right under Elizabeth's left breast. “It was the loudest here,” Maddie said.

Elizabeth was entranced by what she heard. For the first time, she was hearing her own heart beat. She began moving the stethoscope all around as Maddie had done. Her heart was beating faster and louder than before. Ba-bmm Ba-bmm Ba-bmm Ba-Bmm.

Elizabeth turned to Maddie. “Wow, this is so cool. Let me listen to your heart now.” Maddie was hoping she'd say that.

“Absolutely, but I don't think you'll be able to hear through this.”

“MADDIE! I don't need to see your boobs. That outfit is already thin as i-” Elizabeth's protests fell on deaf ears. Too slow. Maddie had already stripped off the nurse top. In fact, she took off her skirt as well, leaving only white panties. Maddie sat upright on the side of the bed and pushed her boobs out. She also put her hands in her crotch, subtly covering up the fact that they were soaked. “Whenever you're ready.”

Elizabeth had to take notice of Maddie's impressive rack. Her boobs completely ignored the laws of physics. Elizabeth put the stethoscope between her friend's lovely boobs.

Elizabeth was overwhelmed by the thunderous pounding she heard. “Holy shit, Maddie. It sounds like your heart is going to beat out of your chest.” Maddie just bit her lip in response.

BadaBadaBadaBadaBadaBada. The stethoscope rocked from the pounding of her excited heart. Elizabeth thought she could even SEE Maddie's heart in the bouncing of her boob.

As she moved the diaphragm around her friend's chest, some of the excitement rubbed off on Elizabeth. She had never felt any attraction to a woman, but the moment and all the nudity was getting to her. Her breathing quickened. Her clit began to tingle and throb.

Maddie was way ahead of her. She had begun slowly grinding against her hands covering her soaked pussy. She didn't care as much about hiding it anymore. She couldn't hide the arousal from her hammering heart. Elizabeth was so enthralled with what she was hearing that she didn't see it. However, her free hand began wander over her breasts. A small moan escaped when she pinched her left nipple. She was so embarrassed at how hot and bothered she was getting.

Maddie spoke up eagerly. “You've been using it for a while. I need to finish my exam.” Maddie took the stethoscope back from her friend. She lovingly commanded Elizabeth “Alright, lay back on the bed. For this part of the exam, just relax and close your eyes.” Elizabeth didn't know what was coming, but she followed the instructions.

“This is a stress test. I need to see how your heart handles stimuli.” Maddie's voice was heavy with lust. She put the stethoscope in and opened a drawer in her nightstand. She removed her favorite vibrator. Somewhere in the mix, her panties had come off. For a moment, she put two fingers up her neglected pussy. God damn it, she was so horny.

Maddie got control of herself. She removed her fingers so that she could focus on Elizabeth. “Just allow your heart to react.”

React to what, Elizabeth wondered. She was lying on the bed with her eyes  shut. She felt the diaphragm push hard into her left breast. Then, she was taken by surprise by a sudden buzzing in her clit. She wasn't able to hide that moan.

Maddie loved what she was hearing. Elizabeth's heart was just as strong and steady as before, but it seemed to double in pace and volume.


Elizabeth tried to talk through her involuntary noises. “Maddie, I'm - AH - not sure if… mmm… we should be doing - ohmygod - this.” Her words fought it, but her hands were already feeling up her boobs.

“Elizabeth. This is an important part of the exam. As your best friend, I need to make sure you're healthy. Let your beautiful heart do what it's going to do.”

Elizabeth was too horny to argue further. Her left hand began pinching her own nipples while her other hand grabbed a handful of boob from Maddie who had climbed into the bed with her. Maddie's left hand held the stethoscope on Elizabeth's chest while her right worked on Elizabeth's clit. She was blown away by how good it felt. She didn't even own a sex toy. Her back arched at the pleasure.

Inside, her heart was thrashing. Maddie's ears were full of a throbbing bass which was almost loud enough to drown out Elizabeth's moans. Maddie breathed heavily “I need you to hold the stethoscope on your chest. I need both hands for the last procedure.” Elizabeth used her left hand and held the diaphragm firmly in place.

“I'm not a gynecologist, but trust me that I have experience performing this.” With that warning, Maddie slid the vibrator into her friend's waiting vagina. This elicited a scream of joy. Maddie listened to the rising cardiac cacophony as she worked the toy in and out. Her free hand made sure that Elizabeth's clitoris was still functional.

“Nurse… mmmmm… is it alrightAHHH if I cum during holyfuck holyfuck holyfuck the exam?”


“An orgasm is perfectly healthy. I need to hear your heart during maximum arousal.”

Elizabeth lost all control of her body as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her typically calm and collected face was contorted in pleasure. Her toes curled. Her back arched. She didn't even know she could make the noises that came out of her mouth.

But all Maddie could hear was her heart. All the beats seemed to run together into one frenetic beat.


“Arggggggggggh hnnnnnnngggggg.”

Elizabeth collapsed in ecstasy on her roommate's bed. Maddie laid down next to her friend on her right side. “I need you to tell me how my heart sounds.” Elizabeth was still recovering, but she felt the earpieces get placed into her ears. Before she knew it, her right hand was being placed on Maddie's left boob to hold the steth there.

Maddie had not had time to give herself attention for what seemed like forever. Her arousal was running down the inside of her legs and gee engorged clit was begging to be touched. Maddie rubbed furiously while another hand worked her G-spot.

Elizabeth could not believe the volume of Maddie's heart. It was louder than she ever imagined it could be. Maddie's heart thumped so hard that it was difficult to even keep the stethoscope in place.


It did not take Maddie long to cum because of how ready she was. Her heart seemed like it was going to explode as electricity pulsed from her vagina. Fluids squirted all over her bed as they had many times before. She let out a long cry “Oh ELIZABEEEEETHHHH.”

Elizabeth listened to her friend's heart recede from a stampede to a more steady rhythm. This would not be the first time she would hear that.

Both friends relaxed in a puddle of sweat and pleasure.

“I think your heart sounds fine, Maddie.”


please don't puncture your tickers... most of the people on YouTube who uploaded that kind of stuff don't even upload anymore, and my guess for that is, well, obvious health reasons...

rgj543210 wrote:

You could try getting acupuncture needles and insert one or two of them into your apex area and it will skip a bunch of you just hold the needle has it chills halfway in the heart. The acupuncture needles are super thin and not very long, they won't cause any risks like a regular needle would. There are some people on YouTube and other websites that have recordings or vids of needles in their apex area and they are very good files. Check it out. I've tried it, but never got a recording of it. It was the most fun experience I have ever tried. Just don't do it often.

Hi i wanted to try that, how do i locate my apex? And what will happen if i put the needle in my valve?

djag2007@Heart2Heart created a new topic: 4/20 Heartbeat
234 days ago

Thumpy Heart as I vape, because weed isn’t legal here. So this is close enough.:lol:

241 days ago

Hello there!

After eating and drinking beer, my heart started visibly beating. I decided to steth myself.

Haven’t done this before and I’m super nervous to but if anyone wants to meet up near LA I’d love to listen and be listened to :)

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254 days ago


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265 days ago


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