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The Caretaker Pt.2 / Pt.1

Ooh, I don’t remember seeing this with the animated rain before. Clearly I have, I’ve liked it before but.









Lovely cardio people,

Just wondering how many of you will stay or create new sfw blogs. I don’t care if nsfw content is shared, I honestly just like being a part of a community I can relate to on this level. My blog will likely get purged, but I want to say thank you to my nearly 800 followers. It has been a pleasure getting to know a few of you. Stay weird, stay kinky, and maybe think about telling someone close to you. That’s what got me started here, its a small risk for not feeling all alone 💙💚💜💛

I’m planning on staying around, at least for a while to see how it goes. Might not be as catastrophic as we’re expecting!

Also staying but if everyone seems to go somewhere els I’ll follow.

I’m staying 

Sticking around for now.

I’m still here! I’m not sure if I’ll be purged— I read that erotica will be allowed to stay, but who knows?— But as long as my blog still exists, I’m still here, and I’ll keep trying to contribute. ❤️

I’m here and going nowhere. Haven’t even had anything flagged yet.

Staying too. My blog is SFW anyway so I hope it won’t get purged (still, I never know).

As much as I’ve been shilling for everyone to migrate over to Mastodon, ideally everyone would stick around here as much as they can, it’s just not going to be easy to meet back up somewhere else. As a plus for that, it really doesn’t sound like Tumblr’s planning on deleting any more accounts, just hiding posts.

Anyone know what Tumblr’s policy on NSFW links would be? Would it be possible to upload NSFW elsewhere and just link to it from Tumblr? It seems like they’re only going after images/videos so that might be a way to keep posting although it’s a tiny bit inconvenient.

7 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

Our hearts are as unique to us as our fingerprints are...no two people share exactly the same muscular structure and ECG/EKG tracings, apparently!

Hm, I just uploaded a few different kinds of files and wasn't able to find anything wrong. I've turned up error logging to the max, could you do me a massive favor and try to upload something again?

7 days ago

Is anyone else having trouble uploading files? Every time i try to upload a file it gives me two different error messages, one involving tags and the other telling me the type of file isn't allowed but it doesn't seem to matter what type of file i try it still says the same thing. Can anyone help me figure out what i'm doing wrong? I've uploaded files to this site before and this hasn't happened until now.

8 days ago

As I’m pretty sure we’re all aware, Tumblr’s purging all adult content from the site, leaving a lot of people without a safe area to post that stuff.

So. I’m carving out a place on Heart2Heart for NSFW. Sadly, with finals going on I can’t quite get it done before the 17th.

But before that, I need your thoughts on the rules. I know a lot of you have specific concerns when it comes to this kind of thing and I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Below the break I have my current vague notes after chewing it over for a week. Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions/thoughts/concerns about anything. Thank you!

Respect your fellow members as human beings.
    Respect boundaries.
    Do not be pushy/make demands. You are owed nothing, and the uploaders are incredibly generous for sharing such a personal part of themselves at all.

This is NOT a porn site. This is a community site that allows people to share adult content.

If you’re here, it means you’re an adult. Please act like it.

Don’t make a mess.
    Don’t purposefully incite arguments.
    Personal attacks aren’t cool.
    Don’t say things just to provoke a reaction.

Anyone found re-uploading files elsewhere without explicit permission from the file’s owner will be instantly and permanently banned.

Anyone found to be underage will be instantly and permanently banned.

Again, these are just notes that I’ve scribbled down after thinking it over and studying what other NSFW sites/servers/organizations do. They’re very far from becoming concrete rules and need a lot of feedback and love so they can improve. Thanks for reading!



Merry Christmas and A Healthy New Year! <3

Ah! I’ve been looking for this post for like week now! Perfect for the holidays.

8 days ago

Hallo, I'm not dead (yet)! My current exams/studying have been slapping me harder in the butt than that one scene in  Asobi Asobase.  On Friday, I will have my first written exam in English and then the rest the week after, so that's going to be a hinderance for me. I will have a double update on the story tomorrow and another on Wednesday/Thursday. By double update, I mean double the words I usually type (equivalent to two pages on the G docs). Now that I have gotten that out the way, Inari is out! (O-O)

Empty house and I'm in a cardiophile mood. Perfect time for a stream! Feel free to say hi :)
More at my tumblr: https://kgv41.tumblr.com/

9 days ago


I made a henna tattoo for myself. 😁


Very cool, nice work!




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