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I've never come across a more nasty, cancel culture obsessed, whiney, spineless little freaks on here who keep antagonizing me on the internet. funny thing about this is, I LOVEEEE pissing these little babies off hahahaha seriously though for those gritty, drama loving few, you all know who you are.

I dare you to say what u have to say to my face! you never would cause yall grew up hiding behind a screen your entire lives and are so brave behind them!

you think you know me? LOL please.

back the hell off you weirdo freaks. seriously. i've hung back this entire time and like gnats at a picnic, keep flying up in my face like,



I'm sorry :(

Having a hard time telling how legit the recent attention to this topic is, going to go ahead and lock it down for now.

72 days ago

My wife left me. I feel sad and I am very lonely, I feel like it was my fault.

I recommend Express VPN.

73 days ago

Greetings! I am Hunter, and I've been here for a while now as well as on HBP. A few interesting facts are that I have been blind since birth due to a detached retina, and my interest in hearts is mainly in relaxation.

:heart: One of my favorites!

Chel@Heart2Heart uploaded a new file: Babum.mp3
74 days ago

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Is the Kik chat group not active anymore?

Things get quite boring =/ meh.



I'm using surfshark. Seems quality and fast. By the way, I recommend use this review for choosing VPN.

it is a systolic murmur. maybe mitral regurgitation, based on the position of stethoscope

Definitely a murmur if you used a stethoscope to record it!

hjozwiak@Heart2Heart uploaded a new file: record03.mp3
92 days ago

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

How loud is a heartbeat? Very quiet

1 dB is the quietest this a human ear can pick up. An example of this would be like listening to someone's heart beating from 1 metre away in a completely silent room. However once again this is subjective so if you were to then walk right up to that person and their heart rate and blood pressure didn’t change then that level might change to say 5–10dB based on what their current heart rate and blood pressure was.

source 2

93 days ago

Uploading is working again, just let me know if you run into any other issues. Thanks for the report!

93 days ago

Thank you for looking into it

There is no need to cut the tube: with some care and patience you can pull the tube off the barb of the stethoscope head. Then connect a silicone tube with a mic inside instead. In combination with a good low noise audio adaptor the results are quite good.

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