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24 days ago

Hey Everyone,

I think all people here would understand the nice thing which just happened.

A little background: Actually after COVID infection I suffer from tachycardia and my heart beats too fast. I am getting exhausted very often.

A few days after isolation I decided to visit my friend who is a medical student. We were walking and everything was nice and fine. We kept laughing and talking. Then we needed to walk on some long stairs. I didn't tell him that I have some cardiac problems yet since I really didn't wanted to bother him. But... It happened. I just tried to stop walking for a while and pretending that i am looking at something interesting :D! He just asked: what's wrong? So I told him that I have got this heart issues and that i am getting very exhausted after walking. My heart was pounding very fast and strong. He just grabbed my hand with his one hand and his second hand was put on my back. Then he asked if he can put his hand to feel my heart for a while. It was almost a winter so we were both wearing scarfs. I was sure that he was about to check my neck pulse but he moved my scarf and put his hand on my chest. He appologised that his hand was cold. And we were standing in this position for a while. One hand on my sternum, second hand holding my hand. It was such intimate experience for me. I felt totally safe with him. Little bit shy and embarassed but it was really nice feeling which lasted about 20 - 30 seconds. <3 <3 <3 Then I told him that we should go. None of us commented it later. He just told that it is necessary to go to cardiologist and check it thoroughly. Told me also that he regrets that we werent now in his home so he could check me with his stethoscope.

I am sure that for him it wasn't so arousing. But... I am definitely a cardiophile <3 !


28 days ago
heartistic wrote:

Absolutely adore BOTW. The game graphics are so beautiful. Recently finished playing Vampyr on my Switch. Might replay the game soon just for the heart related content in there. . . I recommend it! :-)

Oh hey I've actually got that game from the Humble Monthly a few months back, time to bump it up a few spots on my "to play" list lol

I attach my handsfree to my cellphone and then put its microphone on the area i want to record. For example mitral area, tricuspid area etc. After that i run a recording app and record my heartbeat.
It is very important to cover put the pulm of your hand on the microphone. Otherwise it records nothing but air.
Good luck :)

Guys here’s an example


I searched for feel my heart and it showed me all the film that contain these words so I can find the film and watch that scene :)


So I found a way to find movie scenes relating the heart! Go on Quodb and type in the keyword “heart” and it will show you every film scene that contains that word in the script and the time frame. So you can go find that film skip to the time frame and enjoy a film scene involving hearts!
Now here’s my question, anyone know any good scenes involving hearts? Like feeling/ listening to somebody’s heart etc we could share some cool film scenes on this thread :)

Hey, thanks for the upload! Just please make sure you're properly tagging files as NSFW in the future, and fill out all the fields in the upload form. Thanks!

Sorry, guests aren't allowed to view files. If you want to participate on Heart2Heart please register for an account.

39 days ago

Lol! I'm glad it's not just me!

Hello Kirstin! I can totally see where you're coming from! I have done the same with my ex in the past lol.

Kkk401@Heart2Heart created a new topic: Hello again!
40 days ago

I know I said in my post yesterday that I've always enjoyed having my heartbeat listened to.

That said, I didn't get into staying in shape until my 20's, as a teen, although I was naturally slender, I was a social smoker, and had such poor cardio fitness that I couldn't even run a lap of a gym hall without being so breathless I couldn't speak.

So I knew my heart wouldn't sound great, I was aware that, the worse shape you were in, the faster and more erratic your heart would sound.

At the time, I was in a relationship with a guy who was very physically fit, he regularly visited the gym, and was a non smoker. While in reality, I doubt it bothered him that much, I didn't like him listening to my heart, and would shift away after a minute when he did so, as I was ambarrsed that it wouldn't sound as healthy as his.

Crazy how your mind works sometimes about certain things!

Anyway, these days I'm in much better shape, and my heart sounds reflect it, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thought processes as me at any time?

Kirstin xx

41 days ago

Ah cool, thanks!

That sounds simpler to do than I thought it would be. Will give it a try in a bit 🙂


41 days ago

Welcome, Kirstin!

Really depends on what you got. Even just a smartphone will get the job done, you just get a recording app, press the mic into your chest and away you go. Definitely works better with a phone that has the mic on its face vs the end, though, at least as far as comfort. Picking up some audio editing basics on a PC can also come in handy for cleaning away background noise.

Some people combine stethoscopes with lav mics to make their own steth mics, or there are existing ones like the Eko or Stemoscope, but it's hard to beat what you already have lying around, especially if it meets that bar of "good enough."

41 days ago

Hey everyone

After experiencing enjoyment and comfort in having my heart listened to, probably since adolescence, and since becoming single last year, realising that this is something I miss about being in a relationship, as this generally the main time I've got to experience this, I've come to realise that I may benefit from joining a site like this to chat with like minded people.

I've seen videos on YouTube with other women recording their heartbeat for others, and was just wondering how to go about doing this so I can possibly share with others?

I'm a 41 year old female, although I usually get told I look and act younger, I try and keep in shape, although I'm an occasional smoker when I'm really stressed, and other than sometimes getting a mild arrithymia when I go running, I don't think I have any heart issues.

Anyway thanks, any advice about recording would be appreciated!

Kirstin (kkk401)


43 days ago

I am from Buffalo and am interested in meeting

Drcandoo@Heart2Heart created a new topic: Meeting places
68 days ago

I’m from the Western New York region and find it difficult to actually meet fellow cardiophiles.  Any ideas anyone??

77 days ago

:heart: nice i love

77 days ago

Nice file

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